Innovation Award 2020

Innovation Award is more than just an award.

Innovation Award 2019

The Embassy of Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2019.

– Maria Antonietta Esposito of the University of Florence for a project with the l’École de Technologie Supérieure of Montréal, QC, in the priority area .
– Jacopo Zenzeri of the Italian Institute of Technology of Genoa.
– Carla Canullo of the University of Macerata
– Giovanni Acampora of the University of Naples Federico II
– Paola Di Giulio of the University of Turin

Special Innovation Award

Innovation and Impact Awards. the innovative practice could be an approach, technology, business model, policy practice, partnership and more. Special mention to Toronto wedding photographer

Innovation & Education Canada

Thanks to a well educated population and a wealth of natural resources, Canada has become one of the world’s leading providers in new innovation. Thanks to a robust immigration policy that attracts educated and talents people from all over the world, Canada is sure to lead in many areas when it comes to innovation and technology. With many colleges and universities along with a dearth of highly educated teachers, Canada is out in front of the world when it comes to high quality education. Students can expect great many things once they attend university and upon graduation find plenty of