Animal Birthday Party Toronto

We can do animal birthday parties, animal parties, and animal shows for large or small audiences. Creepy Crawlers Express offers fun & educational shows with insects, reptiles, & mammals. Great for Toronto animal birthday parties & shows!

Animal Birthday Party Toronto
1 Promenade Cir, Thornhill, Toronto, Ontario L4J 8G7
Phone#: (416) 456-0262

One thought on “Animal Birthday Party Toronto

  1. Lucy Ramsey

    I’m a principal of the local primary school after knowing about these guys that they conduct shows for schools too I booked the creepy crawlers for a day to come to my school and exhibit their show. It was an amazing day, from the entertainers the kids got a lot to learn about the insects, birds and wild animals. I got a positive feedback from the parents too regarding how the children’s grasped the knowledge about the animals and birds which were displayed.
    Its true that practical helps in more understanding than theory and these guys are the perfect example of that. I guess I will be hiring them soon for another show because of the influence what they have put up on the students and their parents.

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